All the skills necessary
to create innovation
in the food supply chain

Technical advice

A decade of experience of Agrifood Consulting’s agronomic partners is in place to enable client companies to explore and optimise the areas of process and product and to make the necessary leap to face new challenges and new markets.

  • Technical agronomic plant protection
  • Precision engineering
  • Land management
  • Certification systems of quality products, traceability, sustainability
  • Laboratory and sensory analysis of food products
  • Technological innovation
  • Logistics


We believe that the Italian agribusiness should go back to being the leader and not just a follower at global level, and the only way to achieve this breakthrough is to activate the strong and effective (and overall modern) international marketing and communication level.

  • Development plans for internationalisation
  • Identification of target markets
  • Strategic operational and marketing plans
  • Integrated communication plans to support online and offline marketing strategies
  • Commercial mediation


The ability to organise large events for the agribusiness world at international level positions us as a big player in this area for our customers and partners.

  • Consultancy in the design, co-ordination and management of events
  • Feasibility assessment of promotional and business initiatives


Knowledge is true power. To analyse the international market and its guidelines is the key to success. Our team, supported by the relevant national and international partners, is the ideal partner to discover, through FoodChoice Forecast, the value of the world's information for your business.

  • Analysis of preferences and perceptions of customers
  • Consumer tests
  • Identification of combinations of product features that best meet the demand
  • Analysis of the degree of customer satisfaction by improving quality
  • Studies of qualitative-quantitative market measurement


Italy does not fully exploit the funding opportunities made available by the European Community and development agencies for the agricultural sector for the development of innovations and marketing.

  • Feasibility analysis on meeting the requirements for participation in tenders FSER 2014-2020 distributed throughout the region
  • Technical and administrative advice for the development and presentation of projects
  • Assistance in locating a grant, direct and indirect co-financing, access to subsidised credit


The human resources of Italian companies are and will always be the greatest added value in an increasingly competitive market, in terms of economic, financial and marketing. Employees and highly qualified managers will be your bridge to success in new markets.

  • Assistance and advice on accessing ESF tender training
  • Planning and co-ordination of activities with highly skilled trainers
  • Training projects for innovation and productivity through better organisation and quality of work


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